Skin Tip: Do not use too many products

It is important to cleanse and moisturize your face, however you might overdo it by using too many products. ⁠

There are myriad options of skincare products but don’t be fooled that less its still more. ⁠

We all have a beauty routine and you can use multiple products (a good skincare routine will have a minimum of 3 steps) but we advise for you to know exactly what you put on your face as it may backfire and you will get irritated rather than healthy skin. ⁠
Your skin can become sensitive, flaky and red if you’re overdoing it. ⁠

We recommend for you to use our products for sensitive skin such as the Propolis or Centella Line from PureHeals to balance and soothe your skin. 

Product Information

Propolis 80 Cream: AED 105
Propolis 90 Ampoule: AED 115
Propolis Cleaning Milk: AED 80
Propolis Foam Cleanser: AED 75
Propolis Softening Toner: AED 95
Centella Reviving toner : AED105
Centella 70 Cream: AED125
Centella 80 Eye Cream: AED90
Centella 90 Ampoule: AED120