Interview with Dermatologist Dr. Galadari

We will always be curious to learn more and bring the best skincare tips from expert to educate the our customers & audiences. Thats why we reached out to Dr. Hassan Galadari to help you understand skincare better. 

Not only has he been listed in Ahlan Magazine’s “40 under Forty” most influential Emirati individuals but he is an American Board certified dermatologist, avant-garde and connoisseur of beauty and the finer things in life.

We sent a couple of skin care question to Dr. Galadari and this is what he told us: 

Q1.  What made you want to become a dermatologist?

I am a vert visual person. I like seeing things in front of me. The best thing about dermatology is that you are able to see the efficacy of your treatment. If it’s working you, you can tell its working. Unlike cardiology, for example, where the you are dealing with arbitrary numbers like blood pressure or cholesterol, dermatology, the disease process is right in front of your eyes. Also, dermatology is quite vast, you can subspecialize in medical dermatology, pediatric, where you see only children, dermatopathology, where you see histologic slides of diseases or surgery of the skin. The specialty is quite vast.

Q2: How many years of experience do you have working with patients?

I finished my medical training in 2002 and started seeing patients immediately after that. I then started seeing them during residency training and fellowship, but in my own practice I have been seeing patients since 2008.

Q3: Where do you work?

I am an Assistant Professor in the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at the UAE University. I also have a private practice in Dubai. 

Q4: What is your top skincare tip/advice?

Sun protection is key. It is the single most important skin care advice that anyone needs. It has been shown to help the treatment of increased pigmentation in patients who are susceptible to it. It can help reduce wrinkles and premature ageing. And the most important thing, it has been shown to help reduce the occurrence of skin cancer. All of this has been backed up with research that has been published in prominent scientific journals.

Q5:  What do you recommend for a basic beginner skincare routine? (Men & Women)

For both sexes, it should pretty much be the same when it comes to skin care. With men, you want to be even more simple, because they do not like applying to much product or complicating their regimen.

I divide my care to the following:

Morning: Cleanser, sunscreen and if necessary a moisturizer if the skin is too dry or an antioxidant such as Vitamin C serum if the patient is older than 30.

Evening: Cleanser, moisturizer and a retinol cream if necessary.

Q6: What is your personal skincare routine?

I am a guy, so I also like to simplify things for me. Cleansing the skin is key, so I do that at least twice a day and I apply a sunscreen and a retinoid cream at night. I try not to overcomplicate things for me, because I know I’ll end up being fed up and stop altogether. 

Q7:  What is the best thing someone could do for their skin?

Skin is the largest organ in the body. It is the thing that is visible to everyone. It can make you look tired or refreshed. Taking care of your skin is extremely important. The most important thing that anyone should do for their skin is to avoid excessive exposure to the sun. I do not understand how people sit on the beach and get a tan. I also do not understand how they do tanning beds too. You really need to avoid excessive exposure to help reduce a lot of the problems that may happen to your skin.

Q8: Which skincare product (if any in particular) do you mostly recommend to your clients?

I tend to look at the ingredients more than the brand. Depending on the ingredients, then you look at the manufacturer. There are a great number of manufacturers out there that follow strict quality control that ensures a proper product is being made. Details of packaging should also be taken into mind. If you have a company that pays attention to this, then you know they are paying attention to the creams/serums/lotions they are making.

Q9: What is the most common skin issue/concern in the UAE? How do you recommend them to fix it?

Dry skin is extremely common here in the UAE, especially amongst the local population. Proper skin hydration is key. People often mistake that they need to drink more water to keep their skin hydrated. While hydration of the body in general is important, it plays little to the actual hydration of the skin. Skin should be moisturized from the outside, so proper use of emollients and other hydrating products is essential.

Q10: What is the one thing everyone should know about skincare?

Skin care does not need to be complicated. It also does not need to be expensive. Remember that just because it belongs to a certain brand, does not make it effective. You can find products that are affordable, effective and least damaging to the wallet. I tell my patients, save your money for a pair of new shoes or a bag, proper skin care can be achieved by everyone and anyone with the right supervision and proper consultation with the skin care experts, such as dermatologists.