How to get glowing skin

Want glowing skin? Here are a few tips how to get your skin glowing⁠ and fresh.

1. Cleanse regularly⁠
Always, always clean your face!⁠ We recommend using the Ultra Hydra Facial Foam.

2. Exfoliate your skin⁠
You can exfoliate while cleansing your face, this will help remove all the dead skin cells. Check out our Ultra Hydra Cleansers for that.

3. Look for brightening skincare ingredients⁠
All of our products contain brightening ingredients, depending on your skin type you can choose the best products⁠.

4. Hydrate⁠
Whether through skincare products or consuming water; always stay hydrated! ⁠We recommend the CLIV Ultra Hydra Luminous cream to keep your skin hydrated (and add some extra glow)

5. Use shimmery skincare products to boost glow⁠
Check out our Ultra Hydra Luminous Serum and 24K Gold Ampoule to get that extra glow for your skin⁠

6. Use toner before serum or moisturizer⁠
To get rid of stubborn dirt and impurities it is always a good idea to use a toner.⁠ We recommend the Ultra Hydra Toner.

7. Binge-mask⁠
Enjoy our 24k Gold Masks and feel refreshed, relaxed and shiny⁠

Product Information:

CL4 Premium Supreme 24K Gold Ampoule: AED 199
CL4 Ultra Hydra Luminous Cream: AED 145
CL4 Ultra Hydra Luminous Serum: AED 125
CL4 Collagen Resurgence Supreme Gold Foil Mask: AED 30
CL4 Max Hyaluronic Formula Ampoule Gold Foil Mask: AED 30
CL4 Revitalizing CI2PL Corrector Ampoule Supreme Gold Foil Mask: AED 30
CL4 Ultra Hydra Cleansing Lotion: AED 105
CL4 Ultra Hydra Facial Foam: AED 80
CL4 Ultra Hydra Toner: AED 105