The Propolis Line by Pureheals

Have you ever see the word “propolis” while exploring to find your favorite skincare products? The chances are highly likely!

To all the ‘sensitive skin’ ladies and gents out there, Skin Garden presents the natural beauty ingredient you need to know about, for fighting that impossible acne, brightening the skin and creating that much needed youthful glow:

PureHeals Propolis!

Propolis has become a ‘buzzy’ ingredient in Skincare recently, as now, more and more people strive to include natural ingredients in their skincare regime. To truly explore the powerful compound and all of its benefits, it is important to understand what propolis is and where it comes from.

Propolis is a naturally-occurring ingredient made by (not of) honeybees, and is one of nature’s best kept secrets in modern times, where, often harsh acids and chemicals, harmfully tested on animals are labeled as the best skin-smoothing ingredients. Propolis has antiseptic characteristics, is filled with antioxidants and has powerful healing properties, helping the skin to quickly regenerate. It also balances and soothes problematic skin, softening and improving the skins texture making it suppler.

Skin Garden’s Pureheals Propolis line is cruelty, paraben and sulfate free and includes a high percentage of natural ingredients in each product, labelling the percentage as a part of the product names, ensuring accountability and transparency.

The PureHeals’ Propolis Foam Cleanser is designed to protect and moisturize with mild ingredients ideal for sensitive skin. The Propolis Softening Toner brightens and exfoliates by gently removing the dead skin cells, without causing irritation. The Propolis 90 Ampoule, your routine’s ‘must have’, formulated with 90% propolis extract and vitamins, repairs any damage caused by the ageing process and offers up to 24h of hydration. Lastly, the Propolis 80 Cream, formulated with 80% extracts reduces fine lines and pores while the anti-inflammatory properties of the extracts absorb deep into your skin, giving you that beautiful glow! The Propolis line’s multi-step skin routine repairs, hydrates and nourishes the skin plumping it up and making it exceptionally smooth right from the first application.

PureHeals Propolis line is a cashmere blanket of beauty, and is the kind of product that deserves all the buzz it can get, pun intended.

Product Information

Propolis 80 Cream: AED 105
Propolis 90 Ampoule: AED 115
Propolis Cleaning Milk: AED 80
Propolis Foam Cleanser: AED 75
Propolis Softening Toner: AED 95